The best way to collect the harvest? 
As a team.

High forage yield is essential for a good operating result. That is why CLAAS has developed a new fixed-chamber baler with a 1.22 x 1.25 m bale size.


The best way to collect the harvest? 
As a team.

High forage yield is essential for a good operating result. That is why CLAAS has developed a new fixed-chamber baler with a 1.22 x 1.25 m bale size.

Bale chamber and tying.


Bale chamber. A top performer excels when under pressure.

  • 15 extra-strong, freely rotating steel rollers
  • Bale size 1.22 × 1.25 m
  • The CLAAS ROLLANT is the world's top-selling fixed-chamber baler

Silage is all about pressure.

For quality silage, the crop has to be formed quickly into high-density bales. In the ROLLANT, this is done with the ultra-robust, freely rotating steel rollers. Profile webs on the rollers perform an active crop feed function. As a result, even in moist conditions, the crop is pressed into firm round bales with excellent shape retention. In the new ROLLANT 540 with heavy-duty rollers, the sleeve is now significantly thicker, at 4 mm, for an even longer service life. The shaft is bolted, so it can be replaced if required. For effective operation under tough harvesting conditions, all bearings and drive shafts have been designed for the required high productivity and throughput.


New concept: Fewer rollers for more weight.

The new generation of the ROLLANT has been designed with the new 15-roller concept. Supported by the powerful hydraulics system, the reinforced rollers provide an optimum bale shape and high bale density – for first-class forage quality.



The steel-roller bale chamber with MPS is your guarantee of rock-hard bales with high core compacting. That’s because of the extra pressure delivered by MPS, the pivoting three-roller segment in the ROLLANT tailgate. At the start of the bale formation process, the three MPS rollers project into the bale chamber. They are then pushed back up into their end position by the bale as it increases in size. The benefits for you: The bale rotates right from the start, and is compacted already from a diameter of 90 cm. The end result is perfectly compacted, high-density bales – even at high ground speeds.


Tyning. Are you passionate about farming? 
So are we.

  • Clear view of net-wrapping operation from the cab
  • Automatic wrapping
  • Automatic tailgate opening and closing (ROLLANT 540 COMFORT)

Reliable performer: The COMFORT version.

The new CLAAS COMFORT version of the ROLLANT is operated from the cab, with the ISOBUS control terminal. This gives you a clear view of the net wrapping process while the machine is under way. After the automatic start of the wrapping operation, the net is drawn around the bale at a defined tension. To maintain the optimum tension according to the weather conditions, net quality or the amount of net remaining on the roll, the ISOBUS control terminal gives you active input into the wrapping operation. The result is optimum bale stability from edge to edge. A unique feature here is the automatic opening and closing of the tailgate. As soon as the bale is wrapped, the tailgate opens automatically, and in a matter of moments, the bale rolls out onto the ground. You can disable this function if preferred. You can also match the number of wrap layers to any given crop via the control panel directly from the cab – meeting your customers' wishes every time.

  • Not a moment lost: ROLLATEX net wrapping.

    This wrapping system saves you precious time, with a fully automatic bale wrapping process, taking only a matter of seconds. The sophisticated net guidance system allows the net to be applied tightly along the entire width of the bale, and firmly secures the edges as well.

  • A useful feature: The net brake.

    An electromagnetic brake on the first rubber roller in the ROLLANT 540 stops the net wrap from unrolling, to create the ideal net wrap tension.

  • The economical option: Twine tying.

    Many farms also use twine tying. Twine is a proven tying material, and even cheaper than net. The twine boxes of the ROLLANT can accommodate up to six rolls of twine – enough for a long and productive day in the field.


Film wrapping. Exciting hidden benefits.

  • Better feed preservation
  • Ease of storage, with consistently formed round bales with more sharply defined edges
  • Easier handling (only one packaging material to be disposed of)
  • Greater flexibility for contractors

Film wrapping.

The ROLLANT 540 provides the option of film wrapping rather than net wrapping. The film is pre-stretched, and therefore pressed tight against the bale. That means less film used, better bale compaction and optimum forage preservation. The end result is outstanding forage quality.

Your bales will be in the best possible shape.

The new film wrapping process provides a more uniform bale shape, and also better defined edges – so the bales stay in good shape for longer, and stack well for months at a time. As a further benefit, you only need one packaging material, and reduce your consumption of winding material. That saves you money, and simplifies waste disposal.


Flexibility also delivers savings.

Film wrapping extends your service range, and enables you to meet respond to customer requests. And thanks to the loading ramp, the change between net and film can be made easily whenever required.

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